PFA P7010价格


Hyflon® PFA P7010
Solvay Specialty Polymers


Hyflon® PFA P7010 is a clear, semi-crystalline melt processable perfluorinated resin. It is designed for electrostatic powder coatings and is particularly recommended for use as a topcoat in antistick applications.

Hyflon® PFA P7010 exhibits very low surface energy, very low coefficient of friction and excellent thermal and flame resistance Additionally Hyflon® PFA P7010 coatings show excellent smooth surface finish, outstanding antistick behaviour and can maintain performance over a wide temperature range.

Main features of Hyflon® PFA P7010 include:
• Very low surface energy
• Excellent antistick behaviour
• Very low coefficient of friction
• Very good surface finish
• Outstanding thermal resistance

材料状态 • 已商用:当前有效   
供货地区 • 北美洲 • 南美洲 • 亚太地区 
 • 非洲和中东 • 欧洲  
性能特点 • 半结晶 • 良好的表面光洁度  
 • 低摩擦系数 • 热稳定性,良好  
用途 • 涂敷应用   
外观 • 清晰/透明   
形式 • 粉状   
加工方法 • 涂层   

物理性能 额定值单位制 测试方法
比重 2.15g/cm³ ASTM D792
熔流率 (372°C/5.0 kg) 10 到 17g/10 min ASTM D1238
平均颗粒尺寸 2 25µm Internal Method
热性能 额定值单位制 测试方法
熔融温度 300 到 310°C ASTM D4591

• Hyflon® PFA P7010 is intended as a topcoat material to apply to primered substrates. It can be processed using normal electrostatic powder coating techniques. Generally the procedure involves substrate preparation, coating, baking and cooling.

• Hyflon® PFA P7010 can be used neat and without any further formulation. Several passes may be required to obtain the desired PFA load and build up coating thickness without defects.

• Substrate preparation, gun parameters such as voltage and both oven temperature and time must all be well controlled to achieve defect free coated items.

Storage and Handling
• Hyflon® melt processable fluropolymer resins can be stored without shelf life issues when kept in a clean and dry area at ambient temperatures. Opened containers should be tightly resealed to prevent any contamination.

Safety and Toxicology
• Before using Hyflon® melt processable fluropolymer resins consult the product Material Safety Data Sheet and follow all label directions and handling precautions.

• As with all fluoropolymer materials, handling and processing should only be carried out in well ventilated areas. Vapor extractor units should be installed above processing equipment. Fumes must not be inhaled and eye and skin contact ought to be avoided. In case of skin contact wash with soap and water. In case of eye contact flush with water immediately and seek medical help. Do not smoke in areas contaminated with powder, vapor or fumes.

• See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed advice on waste disposal methods.

• Hyflon® PFA P7010 is packaged in 10kg non returnable drums. Each drum has two bags liner made of polyethylene resin.