etfe HT-2185,薄壁部件etfe,紧固件etfe


etfe HT-2185,薄壁部件etfe,紧固件etfe
Tefzel HT-2185
DuPont Fluoropolymers


DuPont™ Tefzel® HT-2185 fluoropolymer resin is a special-purpose resin available in translucent, 2.5-mm (0.1-in) pellets. Compared with other grades of Tefzel®, it has a higher flow rate.

Tefzel® HT-2185 and the other Tefzel® fluoropolymers are melt processible, modified copolymers of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. They are high-performance resins that can be processed at relatively high rates compared with fluorocarbon resins. They are mechanically tough and offer an excellent balance of properties.

The relatively high flow rate of Tefzel® HT-2185 makes it uniquely suitable for high-speed processing, especially for extruded coatings and injection molding of slender, thin-walled, or intricate shapes. Molded or extruded products made from Tefzel® HT-2185 are preferred for uses that do not involve significant flexural or tensile stress at elevated temperatures. Higher viscosity products such as Tefzel® HT-2181 and Tefzel® HT-2183 are preferred for these applications.

Properly processed products made from neat Tefzel® HT-2185 are inert to most solvents and chemicals, hydrolytically stable, and weather-resistant. The recommended upper service temperature is 150°C (302°F); useful properties are retained at cryogenic ranges. The level and stability of dielectric properties are excellent, and the flame rating is V-0 by the UL94 method. Mechanical properties include outstanding impact strength, cut-through, and abrasion resistance.

Statements, or data, regarding behavior in a flame situation are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material when under actual fire conditions.


材料状态 • 已商用:当前有效   
供货地区 • 北美洲 • 欧洲  
 • 南美洲 • 亚太地区  
 • 抗溶解性 • 耐化学性良好 • 水解稳定 
性能特点 • 抗撞击性,高 • 耐磨蚀性,良好  
 • 流动性高 • 耐气候影响性能良好  
 • 薄壁部件 • 管道 • 容器 
用途 • 电气/电子应用领域 • 紧固件  
   • 实验室器具 
 • 阀门/阀门部件 • 连接器  
形式 • 颗粒料   
加工方法 • 吹塑成型 • 挤压层涂法 • 压缩模塑 
 • 挤出 • 树脂传递成型 • 注射成型 
物理性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
比重  1.70g/cm³ ASTM D792 
表观密度  1.30g/cm³ ASTM D1895 
熔流率 (297°C/5.0 kg)  11g/10 min ASTM D1238 
吸水率 (24 hr)  0.0070% ASTM D570 
机械性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
抗张强度 (23°C)  41.4MPa ASTM D638 
伸长率 (断裂, 23°C)  300% ASTM D638 
弯曲模量 (23°C)  1000MPa ASTM D790 
压缩强度  37.9MPa ASTM D695 
冲击性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
悬壁梁缺口冲击强度 (23°C)  无断裂 ASTM D256 
热性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
熔融温度  255 到 280°C  
线形膨胀系数 - 流动 (0 到 100°C)  0.00013cm/cm/°C ASTM D696 
电气性能  额定值单位制 测试方法 
体积电阻率  1.0E+17ohm•cm ASTM D257 
介电强度 (0.254 mm)  71kV/mm ASTM D149 
介电常数 (23°C, 1 MHz)  2.55 ASTM D150 
耗散因数 (23°C, 1 MHz)  0.0054 ASTM D150 
可燃性  额定值单位制 测试方法 
UL 阻燃等级  V-0 UL 94 
极限氧指数  31% ASTM D2863 
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Tefzel HT-2185 2012年9月30日
DuPont Fluoropolymers

Limiting Oxygen Index, ASTM D2863: 30 to 32%
Dielectric Constant, ASTM D1531, 1 MHz, 73°F: 2.5 to 2.6